Work Minus the Wrong Language with David Marquet

In the navy, you need permission for everything. What if the most hierarchical system suddenly distributed authority? David’s got the awards to prove it.

Work Minus Barely Hanging on with David Burkus

Most people don’t get much from their job except a paycheck. David Burkus explores how policies, good management, and one super-secret trick can change that.

Work Minus Management with Chuck Blakeman

The last 150 years of work have been based on the assumption that people are stupid and lazy and need an overlord. Now, it’s time to rethink management.

Work Minus Stagnant Teams with Whitney Johnson

Is your team feeling stuck? In a rut? It may be because they have stalled out in their learning curve. Time to kick things up. Whitney Johnson talks about innovation, entitlement, and how to get things moving again.

Work Minus Emotional Fear with Peter Bregman

What’s the one thing holding you back from becoming a great leader? Chances are it’s sitting right next to a hard conversation. Listen to Peter Bregman talk about how to build emotional courage and lean into those moments.