Work Minus Routine with Gerd Leonhard – We’re just at the place where we can cook a good meal

Leaps in technology have been slow, but are suddenly picking up pace. How much farther until we can’t keep up? Gerd Leonhard on exponential change.

Work Minus Tedium with Ravin Jesuthasan – Is it ok if we forget how to make chicken nuggets?

Getting rid of dirty, dull, and dangerous jobs is the goal of automation, but is that always a good thing? Ravin Jesuthasan on who’s makes your chicken nuggets.

Work Minus Computers with Mark Williams

Ever heard a software developer try to convince you to not use software so much? Learn how to stop using the drug from a man who makes it.

Work Minus Either/Or With Scott Brinker

Should you automate or humanize? Should you centralize or decentralize? Scott Brinker from HubSpot says why not both? This is the path to embrace technology in the 21st century.