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Work Minus Bias With Jennifer Brown

Privilege and stigma are present for everyone. But without calling them out, they create huge barriers and block people from doing their best work. Jennifer Brown talks about how we can be allies and leverage our privilege and power for others.

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Work Minus Bureaucracy With Aaron Dignan

What’s stopping you from doing the best work of your life? Aaron Dignan tells us stories of companies who’ve ripped away traditional bureaucracy and replaced them with autonomous teams who know how to think.

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Work Minus Either/Or With Scott Brinker

Should you automate or humanize? Should you centralize or decentralize? Scott Brinker from HubSpot says why not both? This is the path to embrace technology in the 21st century.

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Work Minus Everything with Sujan Patel

How do you run nine companies and still have time for skydiving? Stop doing 90% of the stuff you don’t need to. Sujan Patel reveals his secrets for how to prioritize your work.

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Work Minus Monotony with Byron Reese

Today, our guest is Byron Reese. He’s the publisher of Gigaom, he’s also the host of the podcast “Voices in AI”...

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Work Minus Mind Reading with Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale

Think your management could use some work? Take a page from early tech veterans Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale’s new book on how messed up it might be, and how to improve it.

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