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Work Minus Unhappy Careers with Abhijit Bhaduri

Lately, it seems that if you don’t love your job, you’re doing something wrong. How hard is happiness at work to achieve? Here’s Abhijit Bhaduri on repeat.

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Work Minus Gender Inequality with Julie Kratz

Enough talkā€“it’s time to do something about gender inequality. Spot your biases, call out injustices, and get serious about being an ally. Buckle up.

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Work Minus Friction with Paul Zak

Hate your coworkers? Love them? Most of it has to do with how much trust you have, which has more to do with real chemistry than you’d like to admit.

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Work Minus Computers with Mark Williams

Ever heard a software developer try to convince you to not use software so much? Learn how to stop using the drug from a man who makes it.

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Work Minus Hiring Discrimination with LeRon L. Barton

If tech companies are leading us to the future of work, why are they so bad at hiring minorities? LeRon Barton on being the only black man in the room

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