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Work Minus More Titles with Andy Kitson

Titles create unknown friction when it comes to problem solving. So Redox decided to never use them. Find out what other benefits they got and what they put on their business cards.

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Work Minus Unconscious Bias with Sage Franch

How do you learn to know what you don’t know? Sage Franch unpacks the world of unconscious bias and how she’s trying to keep AI from being a bigot.

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Work Minus Robophobia with Neil Ward-Dutton

Are the robots on your doorstep? Yes. Are they coming for your jobs? No. Dig into Robotic Process Automation and how it is converging with AI.

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Work Minus Bad HR with Jay Jamrog

How should HR change to adapt to the future of work? It can start by changing it’s language and taking a lesson from *gasp* marketing.

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Work Minus People with Erin Winick

What does a future of work look like when robots combine with AI? Is there too much hype? What are some cool jobs of the future no one is talking about?

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Work Minus Crappywork with Chris Reimer

Is your workplace happy or crappy? How long will it take you to find (or create) the place you actually enjoy working?

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