Work Minus Crappywork with Chris Reimer

Is your workplace happy or crappy? How long will it take you to find (or create) the place you actually enjoy working?

Work Minus Work with Theo Priestley

What happens when AI takes over everything? Can humans actually make something smarter than ourselves? Can we free ourselves from the addiction of work?

Work Minus Noise with Chris Byers

How much noise is too much? Can you avoid distractions or do you need them to get work done? The CEO of Formstack weighs in…

Work Minus Your Day Job with Patrick McGinnis

Patrick McGinnis shows how you can hitch your wagon to all the new entrepreneurial excitement without the need to go 100% in. In fact, 10% is fine.

Work Minus Withholding Appreciation with Andrew Horn

How do you show appreciation for your team? Cakes and gift cards? Try something more meaningful.

Work Minus Emotional Illiterates with Jordan Posamentier

What is SEL and why might it be the thing that saves schools and businesses in a world of automation?

Work Minus HQ with Mike Knoop

Mike Knoop, co-founder of Zapier, talks about the deep thinking they’ve done on building an organization that works entirely outside the home office.

Work Minus Disconnect with Jay Desai

Jay Desai from Patient Ping decided to make a user guide…for himself. Check out how he uses it and what kind of impact it has on his team.

Work Minus Student Debt with Adam Braun

Adam Braun, founder of MissionU, talks about how he’s helping to create a world without student debt.

Work Minus Distractions with Max Stossel

Max Stossel from the Centre for Humane Technology dives in on what a world of work looks like without everyone competing for our eyeballs.