Work Minus Perfection with Chris Helder

Does it seem like everyone around you has it together? Do you feel guilty for not doing more? Or doing too much? Let Chris Helder cut the noise for you.

Work Minus Selling with Victor Antonio

Minimize anxiety, increase certainty. The core of sales hasn’t changed a hundred years, but everything around it has. Victor Antonio leads us to the future.

Work Minus Sucking with Josh Allan Dykstra

Ever feel like work just sucks the life out of you? Josh Allan Dykstra talks about how to build energy intelligence so that you can actually enjoy work.

Work Minus Boredom with Andrew Tarvin

Funny thing about work–it’s not usually funny. Yet adding humor can bring a ton of benefits. Drew Tarvin uses improv principles to bring funny back.

Work Minus Dissatisfaction with Kate Volman

Is your job a little meh? How much is too much to expect from a job? Kate Volman helps us see where job satisfaction should be.

Work Minus the Status Quo with Dr. Patti Fletcher

The good news about gender equity? We’re talking about it. The bad news? It will take 217 years at our present pace to reach full equity.

Work Minus Stagnant Teams with Whitney Johnson

Is your team feeling stuck? In a rut? It may be because they have stalled out in their learning curve. Time to kick things up. Whitney Johnson talks about innovation, entitlement, and how to get things moving again.

Work Minus Emotional Fear with Peter Bregman

What’s the one thing holding you back from becoming a great leader? Chances are it’s sitting right next to a hard conversation. Listen to Peter Bregman talk about how to build emotional courage and lean into those moments.

Work Minus Being Unaware with Amy Sandler

What’s at the intersection between deep mindfulness and Radical Candor? Amy Sandler. Listen as she shares her insights on how to handle difficult emotions and become an awesome manager.

Work Minus Stupid Stuff With Bill Jensen

Are your corporate tools and policies helping the organization, or your employees? Bill Jensen walks us through how to use a BS reader and blast through bad corporate excuses.