Organizational Culture

Work Minus Therapists with Cheryl Kerrigan – Mental health at the workplace

Should managers function as therapists? Mental health struggles are real and pervasive. How should you respond?

Work Minus Crazy Work with David Heinemeier Hansson

DHH says the root of all evil in the tech world is “unrealistic, outsized ambitions”. What if we rejected the idea of infinite growth and enjoyed being a calm company instead?

Work Minus Business as Usual with Katie Allen – Exploring the world of B Corps

When we think about businesses, we think about makin’ money. But can’t businesses also be a force for good? Hear one story about how a software company got their B Corp certification.

Work Minus Waiting for It with Dia Bondi – Getting what you want out of your career

Dia Bondi was a great communications coach, until she went to auctioneering school. Then she became amazing.

Work Minus Bystanders with Kelly Charles-Collins – Taking action against injustice at work

It’s not that we can’t see injustices; it’s that we are assuming that someone else will do something about it. Don’t be a bystander.

Work Minus Us vs. Them with Kristina G Smith – Having better conversations at work

Conversations at work may seem like a byproduct of the culture, but Kristina Smith says they are the start of it.

Work Minus Scarcity with Robbie Samuels – How to Build Great Relationships at Work

When you’ve got something in abundance, it’s easy to share. Robbie Samuels is filthy rich in relationships and has some advice for you.