Work Minus Mind Reading with Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale

Think your management could use some work? Take a page from early tech veterans Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale’s new book on how messed up it might be, and how to improve it.

Work Minus Distractions with Gloria Mark

Focusing on one task seems to get harder and harder. Dr. Gloria Mark has done research into distractions. Take a solid 22 minutes to listen to this one and stop those self-interruptions.

Work Minus Separation with Dakota Pawlicki

Lumina’s goal is to see 60% of Americans with a high quality post-secondary credential by 2025. How are they going to do it? A lot fewer walls and silos.

Work Minus Office Buildings with Tracy Wymer

Have office building designs finally caught up with the modern knowledge worker? Immersive planning is the next big leap in better design.

Work Minus Faithless Benefits with Henry Kaestner

Is an employer responsible for the spiritual well-being of an employee? How far should they go to provide resources?

Work Minus Parental Bias with Nora Jenkins Townson

All those millennials you hired, all that maternity/paternity leave you gave? Guess what. You’ve got parents now. And that requires a different set of rules and a new playbook!

Work Minus Black Box Models with Rich Caruana

Ever wondered how machines actually learn things? The truth is that a lot of times, we don’t really know. Learn when you should embrace machine learning full force, and when to pull back.

Work Minus Intuition with Max Yoder

Where does intuition create the most harm? Interpersonal communication and product development. Learn about Lessonly’s approach to hard conversations and nonviolent communication.

Work Minus More Titles with Andy Kitson

Titles create unknown friction when it comes to problem solving. So Redox decided to never use them. Find out what other benefits they got and what they put on their business cards.

Work Minus Unconscious Bias with Sage Franch

How do you learn to know what you don’t know? Sage Franch unpacks the world of unconscious bias and how she’s trying to keep AI from being a bigot.