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Work Minus Taking the Human out of Work with Karen Eber

Ever felt like your workplace was sabotaged to work painfully slow and inefficient? Karen Eber’s conspiracy theory may prove it right.

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Work Minus Perfection with Chris Helder

Does it seem like everyone around you has it together? Do you feel guilty for not doing more? Or doing too much? Let Chris Helder cut the noise for you.

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Work Minus Selling with Victor Antonio

Minimize anxiety, increase certainty. The core of sales hasn’t changed a hundred years, but everything around it has. Victor Antonio leads us to the future.

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Work Minus Sucking with Josh Allan Dykstra

Ever feel like work just sucks the life out of you? Josh Allan Dykstra talks about how to build energy intelligence so that you can actually enjoy work.

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Work Minus Boredom with Andrew Tarvin

Funny thing about work–it’s not usually funny. Yet adding humor can bring a ton of benefits. Drew Tarvin uses improv principles to bring funny back.

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Work Minus Dissatisfaction with Kate Volman

Is your job a little meh? How much is too much to expect from a job? Kate Volman helps us see where job satisfaction should be.

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