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Work Minus Ignoring Employee Well Being with Mark Crowley – Why employee engagement starts with the heart

When someone from the financial services industry says we need to be more compassionate to others, you should listen up. Mark Crowley on leading from the heart.

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Work Minus Ego with Nicole Jansen – Management tips that get to the core of a person

When you get frustrated and critical of others at work, you know ego is involved. Nicole Jansen has ideas for how to care for a basic needs of your team.

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Work Minus Overreacting to Business Metrics with Mark Graban – Distinguishing signal vs. noise

Mark Graban thinks you are probably talking about the wrong things when it comes to business metrics. Stop arguing about noise and start seeing the truth.

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Work Minus Routine with Gerd Leonhard – We’re just at the place where we can cook a good meal

Leaps in technology have been slow, but are suddenly picking up pace. How much farther until we can’t keep up? Gerd Leonhard on exponential change.

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Work Minus Tedium with Ravin Jesuthasan – Is it ok if we forget how to make chicken nuggets?

Getting rid of dirty, dull, and dangerous jobs is the goal of automation, but is that always a good thing? Ravin Jesuthasan on who’s makes your chicken nuggets.

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About Workminus

I get scared when I think about the future of work.  It’s not because our AI overlords will create a dystopian...

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