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Work Minus Separation with Dakota Pawlicki

Lumina’s goal is to see 60% of Americans with a high quality post-secondary credential by 2025. How are they going to do it? A lot fewer walls and silos.

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Work Minus Office Buildings with Tracy Wymer

Have office building designs finally caught up with the modern knowledge worker? Immersive planning is the next big leap in better design.

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Work Minus Faithless Benefits with Henry Kaestner

Is an employer responsible for the spiritual well-being of an employee? How far should they go to provide resources?

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Work Minus Parental Bias with Nora Jenkins Townson

All those millennials you hired, all that maternity/paternity leave you gave? Guess what. You’ve got parents now. And that requires a different set of rules and a new playbook!

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Work Minus Black Box Models with Rich Caruana

Ever wondered how machines actually learn things? The truth is that a lot of times, we don’t really know. Learn when you should embrace machine learning full force, and when to pull back.

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Work Minus Intuition with Max Yoder

Where does intuition create the most harm? Interpersonal communication and product development. Learn about Lessonly’s approach to hard conversations and nonviolent communication.

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