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Work Minus Everything with Sujan Patel

How do you run nine companies and still have time for skydiving? Stop doing 90% of the stuff you don’t need to. Sujan Patel reveals his secrets for how to prioritize your work.

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Work Minus Monotony with Byron Reese

Today, our guest is Byron Reese. He’s the publisher of Gigaom, he’s also the host of the podcast “Voices in AI”...

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Work Minus Mind Reading with Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale

Think your management could use some work? Take a page from early tech veterans Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale’s new book on how messed up it might be, and how to improve it.

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Work Minus Distractions with Gloria Mark

Focusing on one task seems to get harder and harder. Dr. Gloria Mark has done research into distractions. Take a solid 22 minutes to listen to this one and stop those self-interruptions.

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Work Minus Separation with Dakota Pawlicki

Lumina’s goal is to see 60% of Americans with a high quality post-secondary credential by 2025. How are they going to do it? A lot fewer walls and silos.

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Work Minus Office Buildings with Tracy Wymer

Have office building designs finally caught up with the modern knowledge worker? Immersive planning is the next big leap in better design.

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