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Work Minus Stupid Stuff With Bill Jensen

Are your corporate tools and policies helping the organization, or your employees? Bill Jensen walks us through how to use a BS reader and blast through bad corporate excuses.

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Work Minus Workplace Drama with Marlene Chism

“Drama is any obstacle to workplace peace and prosperity.” Marlene Chism tells us who gets to define drama, what causes it, and how to get around it.

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Work Minus Fear of AI With Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne was doing internet marketing before it was cool. Now, he’s looking at what we need to learn about using AI before you get left in the wake. Stay tuned for the intern test and the smell test.

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Work Minus Bad Employee Experiences With Jennifer McClure

It’s normal to talk about customer experiences, but what about employees? Team members have similar high expectations on what should be possible in the workplace. Jennifer McClure leads us through what happens when companies focus on “employee delight”.

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Work Minus Papercuts With Amy Waninger

Imagine if every time you interacted with someone you left a stinging paper cut on their hand. Many do this without even knowing it. Amy Waninger shows us how you can become more aware and actually build diversity in the most important place: your network.

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Work Minus Wellness Programs with Rex Miller

Aren’t wellness programs supposed to make us healthier? Why don’t they work? Rex Miller introduces better ways to think about workplace wellness.

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